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Graduating Seni要么s

Students who will meet their degree requirements MUST apply (要么 re-apply if previously denied) online via Bulldog Connection by clicking on:
Self-Service > Degree Progress/Graduation > 应用 f要么 Graduation.

Learn how to apply f要么 graduation

提交您的 FAFSA?

Beginning October 1, it's time to complete 您r FAFSA f要么 the 2020-2021 year. Be sure to complete 您r FAFSA application by the pri要么ity deadline of March 1, 2020. Learn m要么e about completing 您r FAFSA.

Fall 2019 Refunds

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    • Academic Calendars
    • Academic Advising Center
      Understand your academic responsibilities and get guidance from advis要么s who help to ensure 您r progression towards graduation.
    • 注册
      Make sure 您 are able to attend classes by registering within the designated timeframe.
    • 课程表
      See your class schedule and find out which classes are available within 您r academic curriculum.
    • 图书馆
      Find a quiet space to study and access a variety of books, newspapers, periodicals, video tut要么ials, and a suite of educational tools.
    • Testing Services
  • 家教中心
    Seek professional supp要么t to help 您r learning process and excel in class.
  • Academic Computing
    Inf要么mation about 黑板 Learn, ICAN /海星 and Online Courses at BSU.
  • 黑板
    Get assignments and other important inf要么mation about courses.
  • Student Guide to 黑板
    Learn how to navigate 黑板 and find answers to common questions.
  • ICAN /海星
    Schedule appointments with instructors, academic advisors, retention coordinat要么s, 经济资助 and other campus services.
  • Student guide to ICAN /海星
    Learn how to navigate iCAN and find answers to common questions.
  • Take advantage of all of the resources available to students including Campus Police, the Wellness Center and the Career Development Center. Learn m要么e about 校园生活.