北体大是开放的。所有课程现在都在网上,和员工通过远程工作 结束弹簧学期的。住宅迁出暂停由于留在家中 命令。


Department of Language, Literature & Cultural Studies


Do you have a love of literature, language and culture? At Bowie State, you can get the practical and theoretical knowledge to harness this passion and build a foundation f要么 your future. Our thoughtful faculty is committed to developing culturally diverse curricula, utilizing technology, and enhancing research tools to help students become proficient in writing, analysis and critical thinking. The creative, the adventurous and the contemplative all have a home in the Department of Language, Literature & Cultural Studies. 

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  • 深入探讨平衡创造力,文化研究和批判性思维为您准备成功的程序。 学到更多